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Egyptian protesters detained indefinitely

Written for Al-Monitor

CAIRO — As the interim government continues its crackdown on protesters and leading activists are being detained, other protesters are being held in jail for months while prosecutors continuously renew their detention for 15 days.

It has already been nearly 2½ months since Omar Assaf, a financial analyst and father of three small children, was dragged from his house by a dozen armed Egyptian special forces troops at 2 a.m. on Sept. 23. At first, nobody knew what had Continue reading Egyptian protesters detained indefinitely

Egypt Loses Its Humanity In Military Campaign

Written for Al Monitor 

CAIRO- Amr, 23, had to bury two of his cousins within a couple of days. They had gone to the Muslim Brotherhood protests to check on the bodies of relatives who had been shot during clashes. One of them was nowhere near the protesters when a bullet struck Continue reading Egypt Loses Its Humanity In Military Campaign